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Sentinel + a little story

14 June. Elrich sent me to the North. There is a little mine, workers heard some strange noises from the other side of the walls. Might it be a new Virium source? Would be great! Plus I'll spend a couple of days here and visit Neli temple.

15 June. There's nothing interesting in the mine. But the temple, what a gorgeous place! And I have no words to describe the wine I tried there! So sad I'm not a drinker anymore. Bane would be happy to know about that! Definitely will talk to him when I get back to the castle. But there's something wrong with the teleport today, need to keep an eye on it.

16 June. Still no news about the noise. There's no reason for me to stay here. At least I got to know Richard from the village, such a nice boy. Maybe he'll want to join us in the castle when he grows up. Would be a nice alchemist.
It's late and dark, but no news from the miners yet. Plus teleport is totally broken, it's the first time I see such a thing. This is bad.
Wait... What a hell?!..

Final work

Final work